Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Romantic country-style Advent calendar

Romantic country-style Advent calendar

Ok, so this may be a tad late to copy for this year's Advent season but maybe it is something that can inspire for next year? Last week I made this rather feminine, romatic-y calendar with a slight ethereal feel to it... for a guy. So it may not exactly scream "I AM A MANLY ADVENT CALENDAR" - but at least it goes lovely with my interior decoration style - which is feminine shabby chic/country style. Or, as my two best guy buddies put it: "It's a doll's house. I half expect that wall to open and a giant hand to reach in to rearrange stuff."

Back to the calendar. Making this is dead easy. The important part is to keep the colours simple so that it seems well put together and elegant. It really would look quite differently with brightly mixed colours. So. Simple steps:

Coat-hanger before and after

1. Take an ordinary coat-hanger - needs to be sturdy if you plan on giving slightly heavier gifts. And there will be 24 of them. A wire coat-hanger might not be up to the job.

2. If it's white you could just leave it like that. I decided to wrap mine in some white organza I found in one of my drawers. To keep the organza in place, I wrapped white ribbon around it.

Advent calendar labels.

3. Make 24 labels - make each one unique; the calendar will look more interesting.
You don't need much more than this for your Advent calendar.

4. Now all you need is wrapping paper (I suggest two styles which complement one another), white ribbon, scissors, adhesive tape - and, of course, your 24 gifts.

5. When all presents have been wrapped all that is left is to tie them to the coat-hanger. Finished.

Merry Advent season everyone!

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