About me

This is me, Korlin. I like to bake.

I started my baking obsession back at uni in Cambridge - it was a fabulous way to procrastinate. Instead of revising, I browsed for pictures of pretty cupcakes and started reading several baking blogs. And whenever I couldn't sleep, I started baking in the middle of the night. I fairly soon discovered that my fellow students appreciated my midnight baking greatly, as they woke up to my facebook status inviting them to help themselves to cupcakes, biscuits, layer cakes, German "Baumkuchen", etc...
As I don't only enjoy baking but generally creating things in some sort of way (whether there is food involved or not), I decided to add the category "making". Doesn't quite go with the title of the blog, but hey - it's my blog, I can post whatever I want :) ...besides, there's only a small difference between "baking" and "making", i.e. the position of the velum, which is lowered to allow air to escape through the nose in case of the "m". (I studied Linguistics...)

Anyways: Whether baking or making, I hope you enjoy my creations!

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